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Code of Conduct

1. Riders are expected to be courteous to other road users, and to observe the Highway Code.


2. Safety and consideration is a priority to your companions and other road users at all times.


3. The leader of the ride is in charge. Passing the leader can be disruptive and dangerous.


4. If the leader divides the group into smaller groups, because of heavy traffic or large numbers, remain in that group and do not ‘gap-jump’. Maximum group size is 12.


5. Leaders & riders must respect the agreed parameters of distance and speed for the comfort and safety of all.


6. Calls of advice/instructions from the front or rear must be passed on.


7. Single out when there is traffic on a narrow road or where there is a continuous central white line.


8. When singling out the rider on the outside should move BEHIND the rider on the inside.


9. Because of possible liability it is not advisable to signal to vehicle drivers to overtake the group.


10. Overtaking must be carried out with great care. Undertaking should be avoided.


11. Should the group be turning off the obvious route, stragglers must be waited for. Members leaving the group for whatever reason MUST notify the leader.





1. Please ensure your bicycle is roadworthy. In consideration of your fellow riders all are asked to have full-length mudguards with a rear mudflap. Wet roads, no mudguards, ride at rear of the group


2. Riders under age 16 must accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Riders under age 18 must have a signed parental consent form whether accompanied or not.


3. New riders and those returning to the sport are advised to contact the Membership Secretary.

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