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How to Join Us

To join us on the road:


  1. Print out and fill in your Guest Registration (DOWNLOAD HERE) & Emergency Contact Form (DOWNLOAD HERE), and bring these with you when you come to your first ride

  2. Look at our Rides Diary page

  3. Choose a day and group you would like to try

  4. On the day when you arrive, give your completed forms to the ride leader

  5. For a simple guide, the 'slowest' group is 5, and the fastest is 1If you are a beginner, try groups 4 or 5 to start with, and then choose what feels most appropriate once you've been a couple of times.

  6. After you have attended three rides with our club, it is then a requirement that you join Cycling UK. CLICK HERE to go to their national page and find out how to join.

  7. 7. As your fitness improves, you can choose to move up to a faster group. On most days, all groups meet at the same starting point, so you will be able to meet a faster group for a chat before committing!

  8. Have a great time!!

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